Home maintenance services Dubai

Home maintenance services Dubai

You can rely on us for reliable Home Maintenance Services Dubai. You have come to the proper site if you need any handyman services, such as Drilling, Hanging, and Mounting Work, Electrical Short Circuit Troubleshooting, or Electric Fixtures and Installation of any Machine. We also do water leak repair and water heater replacement. Carpentry services such as fixing door locks, hinges, handles, and drywall partition installation are also available at Home Maintenance Dubai. Craftsmanship with stone, tile, and mortar. In addition to interior and exterior painting, we also install and remove wallpaper. Moreover, we also repair central air conditioners and chillers as part of our range of services. Help is at hand if you need home repair; we provide competitively priced services by highly trained professionals using cutting-edge equipment.

We Provide a Wide Variety of Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Our Home Maintenance Services Dubai are unmatched. We provide a wide variety of Residential Repair and Upkeep Services. Give us a ring if you need anything installed, fixed, or repaired in your home, villa, office, or warehouse! Regarding your Home Maintenance needs in Dubai, our team of Expert Handyman Technicians has you covered.

Emergency Home Maintenance Services Dubai

Do you need immediate assistance with electrical or plumbing issues at your Dubai Home, or are you searching for emergency services available around the clock? Anytime, everywhere in Dubai, you can count on us for prompt and reliable Emergency Home Maintenance services Dubai. Broken a water pipe? Simply dial the number of our 24/7 Emergency Handyman. He can fix your dripping faucet and ensure it doesn’t happen again. If you are experiencing electrical problems in your homes, such as a burned-out bulb, a tripped circuit breaker, or a lack of lighting, please call us. We will dispatch an emergency handyman to your location immediately.

Home maintenance Dubai Annual Contract

Home Maintenance Dubai Annual Contract is another service we provide. Our rates are low and easy to get in touch with. Our response time for repairs is less than 30 minutes, no matter where you are.

Drilling Work

When relocating to a new residence, a lot of preparation and cleanup must be completed. If you’re not an expert, drilling can destroy the aesthetic value of your property. Hanging artwork and shelves, installing a television, and installing window blinds all require drilling into the walls or windows.

When you need an electrician for anything as simple as a new switch or fuse in the electrical system, you want help right away. Since we appreciate how time-sensitive electrical work might be, we offer an emergency response. When you choose us, we become your go-to electrical service provider, handling anything from new air conditioning installations to commercial wiring.

Air Conditioning Service

Most of us run the air conditioner all year, or at least for the better part. When the heating and cooling seasons begin, regular AC maintenance is required. Regular maintenance is the key to clean, filtered air. Air conditioners bring us great comfort, but they also require upkeep. Stabilizers of sufficient grade must be fitted with every air conditioner.

Carpenter Services

We may have one of our carpenters do anything from building you a new closet to erecting drywall or laying hardwood floors. Assembling furniture, fixing furniture, fixing doors, fixing structures, and building door frames are all jobs that our professional carpenter is capable of doing.

Plumber Services

You need a handy plumber when you have a broken tap, a leaking pipe, an undone toilet flush, or low water pressure during your long shower. There’s no way to correct it, so we just make do with it. We’d rather use that time doing anything else, so we just learn to live with the problems instead. Only a seasoned professional will arrive at your door at the scheduled time. Aside from fixing leaky faucets, our skilled plumber can also set up your washing machine and tub.

Painter Services

Call our Painter if you need the inside or outside of your home painted. We use high-quality, brand-name paints and innovative painting methods to make your property seem brand new. We paint furniture, walls, and even entire apartments and villas.

The Value of Hiring a Professional home maintenance services Dubai

Weekends are for fun and relaxation.

It might be discouraging to return home to a cluttered and disorganized space. If you pay someone else to do the work, you can walk into a spotless house when you get home. This weekend is free to host gatherings or indulge in any activities. A professional can replacer and repaint your property to make it seem new and repair any damage to the interior walls and ceilings. To further ensure the security of your property, they may also fix any broken fly screens or draughts.

They are fully stocked with the necessary equipment.

A skilled handyman has everything on hand that he or she needs to complete any home repair or upkeep job. The necessity for specialized cleaning supplies for the house is therefore eliminated. They are also familiar with the right application of cleaning solutions, which will safeguard your tile and property from damage.

 They Obtain Results More Rapidly

Due to their great knowledge, the professionals can handle routine house maintenance with ease. On a one-story home, they should be able to inspect the gutters and clear the drains without any trouble. Since they often work in teams, they can get more done in less time.


Since you won’t have to deal with many service providers for your home’s upkeep and repairs, you’ll be able to mark a sizable item off your long list of monetary commitments. When you call in a handyman to repair, make sure you tell him to check for other things that might also use some TLC. A simple example is the difference in power use between an air conditioning unit that hasn’t cleaned its filters in a while and one that has. Preventative maintenance is an investment in your home’s long-term health that may provide huge dividends financially. The best solution is to have a handyman service to handle everything.


For any handyman business to be successful, dependability must guaranteed. You may avoid the headache and financial hit of unfinished work by hiring a professional handyman service with a solid reputation in your region. Heavy winds and sand, for example, regularly damage the interiors and exteriors of Dubai’s buildings. When faced with such problems, it is better to contact a local handyman agency with proven expertise in the field.

Why should you pick us?

We are one of the most well-known provider of home maintenance service Dubai, we first opened our doors in 2005. When you have an unexpected need for home repairs, the Fajrtechguys Dubai team will help you out. They can help with anything from painting, fixing your air conditioner, and cleaning out your water tank. Using the services of a home maintenance company in Dubai can provide you with several advantages.

It’s less expensive and more convenient, keeps your house in perfect condition, and reduces the risk of injury.  When you find a home maintenance services Dubai that you like, you can feel confident in calling them again because they will already be familiar with your home. We always give it our all when it comes to home maintenance services Dubai and repairs. We offer comprehensive handyman services, including installing and repairing HVAC systems, wiring and plumbing, and painting. Is it only one of those things you’re looking for, or do you need them all? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Please contact us at 0000-000-0000.